Christmas Services

Haxey and Owston Ferry Churches

Christingle Services.

Sunday 28th November

4 p.m. Christingle Service in Owston Ferry Church

Sunday 5th December

4 p.m. Christingle and toy service in Haxey Church

Carol Singing in the Churchyards

Last Christmas it was not possible to sing in our churches because of COVID-19, and attendance at services was restricted. Almost as an ad hoc idea, we decided to have carol singing in the churchyards so that people could sing their Christmas favourites in a safer environment.

People seemed to enjoy the experience, so this year we are doing the same thing.

Dates are as follows:

Saturday 18th December 4 p.m. at St. Martin’s, Owston Ferry

Sunday 19th December 6 p.m. at St. Nicholas’, Haxey

Refreshments may well be available – more details nearer the time.

Crib Services

24th December (Christmas Eve)

4 p.m. in Owston Ferry Church

6 p.m. in Haxey Church

Christmas Communion

24th December (Christmas Eve)

11.30 p.m. Midnight Mass in Haxey Church

25th December (Christmas Day)

10 a.m. Holy Communion in Owston Ferry Church